The Economy Report, October 2017 i gruppen Ekonomi hos SKL Fastigheter och Service AB (7585-540-0)
ISBN-nummer: 978-91-7585-540-0
Utgivningsdag: 2017-11-28
Serie: ISSN 1653-0853

The Economy Report, October 2017

On Swedish Municipal and County Council Finances
The positive development of the Swedish economy means that employment and local government tax base rise at a relatively fast rate. As of 2019 the economic situation is assumed to return to normal which means that the tax base is expected to grow more slowly. The situation will become problematic when need for schools and health and social care continues to grow. In the years ahead a growing gap opens up between revenue and costs.
It is essential to increase the efficiency of local government services, be able to handle larger volumes without costs rising at the same rate and without a drop in quality. The foremost challenge is to find other ways of working based on technical solutions.
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